Fading Ads of New York City


Fading Ads of New York City


By Frank Jump, Foreword by Dr. Andrew Irving, Introduction by Wm. Stage, Epilogue by Kathleen Hulser

New York City is eternally evolving. From its iconic skyline to its side alleys, the new is perpetually being built on the debris of the past. But a movement to preserve the city’s vanishing landscapes has emerged. For nearly twenty years, Frank Jump has been documenting the fading ads that are visible, but less often seen, all over New York. Disappearing from the sides of buildings or hidden by new construction, these signs are remnants of lost eras of New York’s life. They weave together the city’s unique history, culture, environment and society and tell the stories of the businesses, places and people whose lives transpired among them — the story of New York itself. This photo-documentary is also a study of time and space, of mortality and living, as Jump’s campaign to capture the ads mirrors his own struggle with HIV. Experience the ads — shot with vintage Kodachrome film — and the meaning they carry through acclaimed photographer and urban documentarian Frank Jump’s lens.

ISBN: 9781609494384
Publisher: The History Press
Date: 11/21/2011
State: New York
Series: Fading Ads
Images: 86 Color
Dimensions: 7.5 (w) x 9 (h)


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